The Free Resources That Give Your Choices Back

Discover the secrets to overcoming addiction while leaving the guilt and shame behind!

The Free Resources That Give Your Choices Back

Discover the secrets to overcoming addiction while leaving the guilt and shame behind!
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The Resource Hub gives you practical information and guidance when you need it.


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Clarify the problem & how to manage it

Most people struggle to reach their goals because they don't understand the problem they are trying to solve in the first place. 

No one seems to tell you that the alcohol, drugs, porn, or whatever it is you are struggling with isn't actually the problem!

It's ridiculous to only focus on stopping something. What is the point in creating a hole in your life? It inevitably gets filled with stuff that doesn't serve you.

When the hole in your life is filled with stuff rather than meaningful and joyful decisions, that's when addiction or relapse happens. 

Just like a pilot in a plane, without making a decision and finding your direction you'll end up running out of fuel. 

What Is Addiction walks you through:

  • The difference between Reasonable, Risky, and Restricting use
  • Shows you how to overcome Instant Gratification
  • Guides you through a process to improve and expand your Resilience Window

You're not weak, stupid, or somehow defective. You just don't know what you don't know.

It's that simple. 


Understand your options & what to do next

You know you're not happy with the way things are. But you don't know what's truly possible or how you can achieve it. 

Each time you read a website or call a rehab they tell you their program is he best fit for you. But how can you be sure?

You may not know that there actually are:

  • Two Recovery Models, 
  • Two Treatment Methods,
  • Two Funding Options, and
  • Four Treatment Processes to choose from?

That's because no one seems to tell you! It's outrageous that this information isn't widely known. 

Here's where it get's even more interesting... you can actually mix and match the best combination of Recovery Models, Treatment Methods, Funding Options, and Treatment Process for your needs!

All you need in order to make he best decision is have all this information in one place!

What Is Recovery provides you with everything outlined above plus practical tactics to ensure you reach your goals. 

There's no "right way" to reach recovery, and now you can make your own decisions. 


The simple strategy to handle the situation

Think of a craving like the rumble of thunder in the distance warning you that a storm is approaching. 

Rather than being caught out in the rain, now you can pop up your umbrella and navigate the weather more effectively. 

Most of the time you're told to ignore a craving and it will pass. Well, one part of that is sound advice - the truth that it will pass.

But ignoring this early warning sign of a craving puts you in a sticky situation because you will end up missing the signs all together. 

That's when you find yourself regretful and frustrated the next day after a slip up. You're left wondering how that happened again. 

Using the simple framework of the 3D's means you don't have to get flooded out ever again. 


Understand why it keeps on happening

Most people don't realise that their brain is giving and receiving false messages.

That means you end up misinterpreting these messages and making poor decisions as a result. 

You feel shame and guilt around your actions, but it's actually not your fault!

The problem comes from you not understanding how your brain communicates with you. 

When you are clear on how these messages are sent and received between your body and your brain, then you can expertly navigate them towards your advantage. 

This bonus course will show you the two reset buttons for your brain and how using them can change your life and is included in "What Is Addiction", "What Is Recovery", "The 3D's" and "The Resource Hub".

Take the guesswork out of the next steps

The reality is that there are six stages of change, and knowing which one you are currently in is the most important step. 

Knowing this is vital because when you choose the wrong option for your stage of change, then you're putting yourself at a high risk of failure. 

The great news is that there are steps you can take that move you along the stages of change towards Action. 

We have clearly outlined how you can work out what stage you are in and what your best next steps are. 

Be clear on what's been in your way 

Just as it says on the cover "Understand the problem to find the solution". 

When you've struggled to maintain traction and fallen over more than you expected, then it's very likely that these five obstacles have been slipping you up!

While we don't believe humans fit in boxes, over the years we have consistently seen these five hindrances cropping up for people.

Turn your challenges into your greatest strengths using the power of knowledge. 

Be confident to ask the right questions

So many people are suffering in silence, hoping that no one knows about their hidden secret that they've been struggling with. 

But here's the thing. You're not alone and you don't need to hold on tight to your secret anymore!

There are so many options for you to choose from that you can always find the right fit for your needs. 

Now you have a simple guide that shows you each piece of the puzzle and points out what you need to look out for. It's easy!

Be connected with your community

We could talk about the research that shows the benefits of being part of a community throughout the recovery process.

But we just want you to enjoy the journey! And the best way to enjoy a journey is with people you can share and connect with!

That's why we will be launching an online chat community. And best of all, it won't be hosted on Facebook/Meta! 

Join the Resource Hub now, and tell your friends too because we are launching the community once we have 200 members!


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