Finish The Year Off With A Bang

holiday season productivity Nov 22, 2022

Remember when the clock struck midnight, and the fireworks echoed across the cities? You promised yourself that this year would be different. You set big goals and you were sure you'd meet them. Little did you know, the problem wasn't the goal... it was how you set them. 


How you word goals directly impacts how you achieve them.


When you have big goals they can often get away from you. Whether it's reducing your drug use, making sure alcohol no longer has a grasp on you, or finally getting a handle on your porn, gambling or other unhelpful behaviour. Breaking goals down, and being clear on the action oriented steps you need to take significantly improves your chances of meeting them.

With Christmas on the horizon holiday stress and anxiety are common themes for many. This can show up in the form of: 

+ Feeling pressured to get all work complete for the end of the year.

+ Saying yes to more events than what you actually have time for.

+ Feeling pressured to spend time with family when you know it's not good for you.

+ Experiencing loneliness at a higher intensity than other times of the year.

+ Splurging on presents for family, even if it is beyond your financial means.

It's not too late to set goals that you can reach by the end of the year. Scrap waiting until January 1st to make changes, what would it look like for you to optimise the next 5 weeks? If it looks like having Christmas turn out differently this year, let's get SMART. 


Your Five Steps To Success


Don't set yourself up for failure by using un-SMART goals. 

1. Get Specific! How can you know where you are going when your destination isn't clear.

2. Make it Measurable. Know its time to celebrate when you can clearly tick off your goal. 

3. Take Action Oriented Steps. Get there faster and more efficiently when you know where you are going and how you need to get there. 

4. Keep it Realistic! Notice if you have a tendency to bite off more than you can chew, and ask yourself if this goal is achievable. 

5. Give yourself a Timeline. Keeping goals time-bound is highly valuable as it helps to promote urgency. Urgency keeps the brain switched on and engaged.  


Recovery isn’t something you get, it's something you do.


Here's how Un-SMART goals are holding you back...

Think of the last goal you didn't reach, it was disappointing right? That's not the only downfall of un-SMART goals. 

Breaking down the benefits of SMART goals...

Actively meeting your goals will contribute to an experience of achievement and increase motivation for you to keep moving forward. 

The TARA Clinic can set you up for success this holiday season. Step into 2023 strong. Registrations into our 3-week program open on Monday 21st November and close Thursday 1st December. We have limited spots available, register now. 

 With the collaboration of the clinical team, this post was written by Olivia Burns.