Keep your new year’s resolutions

Five tips and tricks to help you keep your new year’s resolutions

accountability holiday season Jan 04, 2022

Despite the fact that most New Year resolutions last less than a fortnight when the clock strikes midnight and the date on your Smartphone flips over to 2022, many people will take the opportunity to start afresh. 

Whether yours is to quit the weekend coke habit, reduce your midweek drinking, improve your relationship with food or just spend less time on Instagram, here are my recommendations to help you keep your new year’s resolutions, and give them the best chance of success, regardless of the goal.  

Be realistic 

In addition to identifying the right resolution to improve your life, and creating a plan on how to reach it, setting specific yet realistic goals is a key part of successfully keeping your new year’s resolutions. 

While there is nothing wrong with aiming high, you also need to be practical. Ask yourself: What is the outcome I am really looking for and does this goal help me to move towards it? By being honest with your answer, you can avoid the disappointment and feelings of failure that can often occur when you set an unrealistic goal or one that doesn’t actually meet your desired outcome. 

It is also helpful to remember that you have been practicing the old way of living for a chunk of time, so you are pretty good at it! That means that it is much easier for you to do things the way you used to, rather than doing things differently. So focusing on your resolution on a day-to-day basis can make it seem less daunting than committing to a resolution for the entire year. And beyond!  

Give yourself some grace

The problem with demanding absolute perfection is that it isn’t possible. And the inability to adhere to the high standards you may have set yourself runs the risk of leaving you feeling like a failure - and as a result, increases the risk of returning the very habits you're trying to break. 

The TARA Clinic provides a unique substance use and addiction treatment program centered on a harm minimisation approach. We refuse to accept that relapse means failure, and believe that anyone can still be successful in achieving their goals, even when they “slip up.” 

In fact, giving yourself a break and forgiving yourself for the choices you make, can actually empower you to reflect and address your decision head-on and make a different choice going forward. This helps you to stay committed and continue changing your life for the better.

Change your routines

One of the best ways to give your resolution a chance of success is to identify the triggers that would otherwise lead to particular decisions, and make new choices in your lifestyle to change that. 

For example, if participating in a particular friendship circle on a Friday evening at the bar creates an environment where drug use is encouraged, I suggest finding a new hobby to replace it. You don’t need to stop seeing these people, it’s just helpful to do so in a way that reduces the temptations that your time with them brings in order to keep your resolution.

It's also always important to make time for yourself. When you feel discouraged, you may be tempted to turn back to old habits. For this reason, I always suggest my clients designate a little time every day for themselves. 

I encourage them to practice mindful behaviours such as meditating, journaling or spending time with someone you can talk openly with - and use this period to reflect on your feelings, celebrate your achievements or simply calm your mind to rest and relax.

Reconsider your resolutions 

Allow yourself to adjust your resolutions as the year - and you! - progress. 

As your achievements change, and your priorities shift, it may be appropriate to reconsider your resolutions and reformulate them. At The TARA Clinic, we can help you develop a plan on how to implement this. Remember, no decision is ever final in any direction. 

Ask for help 

Addiction is often stigmatised, which can deter people from seeking out treatment. However, the right guidance can take you from where you are, to where you would like to be. 

At The TARA Clinic, we focus on change, rather than the problem. Using simple and practical terminology, we provide you with all the tools and strategies you need to feel confident now and into the future! 

We understand that stepping outside your comfort zone can feel uncomfortable, so we have made the process easy. Just book your free call now, then we will help you to find the best option for your needs, and you can be empowered to regain control of your life again in 2022 and beyond!