What To Do When Work's Your Secret Addiction

accountability productivity Dec 01, 2022

We live in a society engaged with hustle culture. Industries in belief that working 90 hours a week is the norm, and if someone is told they are addicted to work, it is perceived as a "healthy" addiction. The topic of being addicted to work is riddled with controversy and confusion due to its conceptualisation as a positive phenomenon. Though the reality is, the long term consequences of excessive work will always outweigh the short term benefits. With growing evidence that work addiction is linked to life threatening physical illnesses, regaining control of your life is the only solution. 

Work Addiction looks like:

⭐ Asking oneself how can I free up more time for work? 

⭐ Sitting at your desk looking up at the clock its 9 pm, you intended to leave at 6 pm

⭐ Experiencing distress when you are prohibited from working. For example, entering an unforeseen no-service zone

⭐ Been told by loved ones or even colleagues to cut down on work, and not listening to them


Addiction is a well-practiced behaviour that you have become really good at


The thing about well-practiced behaviours is that they are what we tend to do when we become stressed, tired, hungry, angry or even just when being bored. Why? Because the outcome is always consistent it allows our mind at the body to go from a distressed state to a safe state quickly.


When you find a method that works why would you try to do something different?


When important activities become continuously neglected, or your relationships are impacted, and maybe even your health… It is time to set boundaries. Setting boundaries through assertive communication is highly useful in a work setting. The reality is no one can read your mind, just like you can’t read theirs.


The Four-Part Process to Setting a Boundary

You can learn that there are other things you can do, that work, and you can regain choice over your life. 


When you are at the top of your game, the last thing you want is an addiction holding you back. If people are addicted to work it can be common that they have a compulsive drive to gain approval and success though this can result in impaired judgement, poor health, burnout and breakdowns. 

When you have options and learn other ways to relieve stress you can be sure in knowing finally, addiction no longer rules your life.

Addiction recovery can be a difficult process, especially for those in high-level and profile positions. At The TARA Clinic, we provide the tools and strategies needed for high-profile individuals that help them overcome addiction without interrupting their life. You get back control while staying focused on all the things that require your attention.


 With the collaboration of the clinical team, this article was written by Olivia Burns.