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Introducing Our

Family Support Services!

Now there is no need for you to feel overwhelmed or confused about how to support your loved one, or yourself!

Demystifying Addiction Program

It can be really hard to know what the right thing to do or say is when your loved one is living with substance use or addiction problems.

We have had many partners, parents, family members and friends ask us for guidance!

We listened to your need, and launched the brand new Demystifying Addiction Group Program.

What Will You Learn?

This is your opportunity to learn and understand addiction

and, in just 12 weeks!

Demystifying Addiction Teaches You:

1: What addiction actually is, rather than what we are told,

2: Why addiction can be a problem and escalate for some,

3: How to effectively support yourself and your loved one,

4: Fully understand what the next steps are for everyone.

What's Included?

A Group Program With An

Individual Treatment Plan

✔ 12  Online Learning Videos Filled With Practical Skills and Information

✔ Demystifying Addiction Workbook

✔ 12 Weekly Online Group Sessions

✔ 3 Monthly Family Therapy Sessions With Your Therapist

✔ 3 Monthly Coaching Calls With Your Support Therapist

3 Monthly Instalments of $699

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The Demystifying Addiction Group Launches:

19th August, 2022

Our groups have a maximum capacity of 10 participants to ensure that everyone is supported effectively.

The day and time of this group will be released soon.

Due to the small numbers available, don't delay! Book a call now to find out if Demystifying Addiction is right for you.

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Looking for more information?

Below is a brief breakdown of the Demystifying Addiction Group program and an idea of what you can gain from getting started.

How does the program run?


There are three parts to the program:

  1. Each week you will receive access to an online learning lesson introducing a specific skill, concept or strategy taught by our founder and psychologist, Tara Hurster.

    - Each lesson is released on Thursday afternoon to give you the opportunity to practice the strategy over the weekend, which is when most people tend to require more support.

  2. You are then encouraged to practice the tool or strategy in the lead up to your online group session where you have the opportunity to discuss your wins and challenges with the group.

    - These group sessions occur weekly at the same day and time.

  3. In addition to this, you will participate in a monthly family therapy sessions with your therapist on your individualised treatment plan.

     If you would like additional Supplementary Sessions with your therapist, this can be arranged at the rate of your clinician's per session fee.

  4. You will have access to 3 monthly phone coaching  sessions with your support therapist to workshop more immediate concerns.

    - Please ensure you contact us to schedule this coaching call ahead of time. 

The Purpose:

Knowledge is power, so our main focus is on educating you with the important information to allow you to understand what both yours and your loved one's body and brain are doing, why you feel that way, and how to manage it!

Below is an outline of the tools and strategies that are taught through the program:

The What:

Lessons include - Understanding the brain, Comfort zones and self-sabotage, Understanding what addiction truly is, The difference between cravings vs urges and how to identify the difference, Stages of change, What Early Recovery is and how it is linked to grief surrounding addiction.

The Why:

Lessons include - The importance of helpful language in recovery, Understanding the Duck Path, HALT – the acronym that identifies risk, The reason change feels so uncomfortable, The benefits of emotional intelligence, How to use a decision matrix, Understanding what needs are being served by using and how to make the required changes.

The How:

Lessons include - How mindfulness is used to manage cravings, Removing judgement while understanding responsibility, Communication styles, The purpose of boundaries - how to set and maintain them, Refusal skills - how the line between supporting and enabling can be blurred, Stopping isn’t the same as changing, How hobbies change lives, The importance of identifying your values.

The Next Steps:

Lesson includes - The options available for you and your loved ones.

Anticipated Outcomes:

Upon completion you will have learnt over 24 practical skills and concepts that will allow you to make the changes needed to assist yourself and your loved ones to build and maintain recovery in the long term. Your therapist will guide you on how to implement these strategies specifically for your needs because we believe you are the expert in your own life.  

Payment Outline:

The Demystifying Addiction Group program financial investment is completed through 3 equal monthly payments of $99. These payments are set up as a monthly direct debit automatic payment plan via our biller, Stripe. Attendance in the group is restricted to one person per family. If multiple family members wish to attend the same group, you will be required to invest an additional $699 per month due to limits to participants in the group program. 

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